Mixed Media

My process of manipulating various media has enabled me to make visible my understanding of life.  I try to bring the ordinary and familiar into tangible focus so as to illuminate its life and beauty. I use texture, light and color to illustrate the domain of internal changes within the terrain of my body while the same image often mimics the external terrain of nature.

I enjoy the process of finding the elements for my work. The various found elements evoke an organic corporeality symbolizing the cycles of life through my thematic use of seeds, water, wind, light, nests and the repetitive use of circles.


I started my artistic journey as a musician. Music-making requires mastering fundamental rudiments (scales and arpeggios). When I began creating mixed media art, I relied upon this knowledge to provide color, texture, and dynamics. However, I lacked the basic artistic rudiments that applied to art-making. My mixed media art has always been 3D in nature so I chose to take my art “off the canvas” and began training my eye by forming the human figure with clay.